Welcome to our help and support pages.

Here you can find all information how to set-up the pocketVNA for measurements and how to use it.
Note: Even though the screenshots used in the documentation are made on Windows, MacOS or Linux, the software usage is identical on all operation systems with very few exceptions.

Table of contents:

0: Introduction

1 Prepare pocketVNA for the first measurement:
1.1: Installation of software and hardware
1.2: Quick Start: Calibrate and start your first measurement

2 PocketVNA hardware and software documentation:
2.1: PocketVNA 2.0 hardware: product description
2.2: PocketVNA PC software documentation
2.2.1 The main window
2.2.2 Calibration window
2.2.3 Live measurement window
2.2.4 Plotting measurement results
Smith Chart window
XYY plot
2.2.5 Markers
2.2.6 Importing/Exporting data

2.2.7  Tools menu  App Settings External Coupler

Port Extension

Example measurements

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