The Main Window

When you start the software you will see the main window, which is visible at all times.
It contains the 
menu bar , the  window bar  and the  status information .

In the  menu bar  you find several options to save or load data. Supported file formats are .s1p, .s2p, xlc, .cvs, .vnaproj. "save project" will save all open windows including "live measurement" into a .vnaproj. Loading .vnaproj will reopen all saved windows including the data plotted.

The  window bar  gives you the possibility to open new windows. Live measurement and Calibration can have only one instance, instead more than one window containing plots (XYY or Smith) can be opened.

The  status bar  gives you some hardware information if connected. It says "No device was found" if pocketVNA hardware is not connected.