Current Release:

The pocketVNA software can be used for free. It is under continuous development.
Downlowd the latest version  1.81 for your system from here:

MD5  hash : cbd50a881c94e8e5c874dad5339898ab

MD5  hash : a7d9ed78175db963dd0f28e8435620dd

Modern Linux  
MD5  hash : ce25e26855cada41a08b1d87a4732d0c

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Software Manual

Latest version can be found on google docs (Work in progress)

If you find errors in the manual or something is missing or unclear, you can leave a comment right inside the document or feel free to contact us! You  can always use live chat on the bottom right of this page. 

Download or print .pdf manual for current software (Latest change January 2022)

Additional Downloads for older OS and Raspberry

Windows XP and later      Should work on any Windows starting from XP, both 32bit and 64bit
MD5    hash   :  aad9d8daa499a2255b33b7e2ab94aa6a

Modern Linux 32 bit   
MD5  hash : 885171ba76bb1bf8d0df5aa941a33554

Old Linux 32 bit  
MD5  hash : 7196660796bd24863e3a4dfda28afdf0

Old Linux 64 bit   
MD5  hash : c645d841369ea3636b7cd3973b9ebb40

Raspbian Buster (only!)     
MD5  hash : cf3e0cbcea2398a9974489e450242b83

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Application examples

These demo measurements can be opened in the pocketVNA software even if no hardware is connected. There is no license required.

The project files allow to explore the basic functionality of the software (Plotting, Smith Chart…)

2.4 GHz antenna: 2.4 GHz antenna.vnaproj  

PZT crystal impedance scan: PZTcrystal.vnaproj 

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Developer Version (alpha, beta)

Follow this link to see current software development page.

You can find the latest version of all GUI software, Matlab, LabVIEW and other APIs 

Version history

27/06/2022 Version 1.81
- Changed meaning of 'smooth' (iron icon) on Live Measurements: now it's smooths measurements (not curves); available on Smith tab; it is applied when exporting data
- Fixed certificate issue on Windows
- Added few built-in Calibration Kits
- Added pre-definition of agilent 85033D calibration kit
- Fixed issue with missing file extension after file open dialog on Raspberry (and some Linuxes)
- Fixed crashes when loading some old project file formats

20/05/2022 Version 1.78
- Added export settings (domain, modes, columns) for CSV file for Live Measurements and XYY windows.
- Added zipping for calibration files (now calibration file is zipped old calibration file; old are still loadable)
- Fixed few bugs on Mac-OS with storing files
- Made it possible to use a set of touchstone files as a Calibration Kit
- Added plot settings for Live Measurements. Plus side buttons to control plot scale
- Fixed API crush when connecting to some devices through VCI interface

27/1/2022 Version 1.69
- Added explicit Signal Generator Tool dialog
- Fixed few issues in appearance
- Added hotkey to take a shot of a plot

8/12/2021 Version 1.63
- Fixed bug:  disabled CalKit (Custom Load Standard) settings for incomplete networks

17/10/2021 Version 1.60
- Fixed ambiguity with formats "|Z|", "R" and "X". These parameters were belonged to Z-parameters. Along with "G" belonging to Y-parameters. These parameters are renamed
- These parameters are renamed to "|Z-param|", "Re Z-param", "Im Z-Param" and "Re Y-Param"
- Added new formats "Z Ω", "R Ω", "X Ω" and "Y ℧", "G ℧", "B ℧": each one calculated solely on a corresponding S-parameter
- Fixed bug with saving Live Measurements charts into image. Only Line chart was printed

01/10/2021 Version 1.57
- Added Moving Average for almost all curves on Live Measurements' "Line Chart" tab
- Added extended actions for Xyy and Smith Chart like "Clone as XYY" and "Clone as Smith Chart"
- Fixed bug with smoothing factor on a Calibration Step and Group Delay on the Live Measurements and on a XYY plot

13/08/2021 Version 1.54- Added Frequency Band on XYY plots. It can be selected by mouse holding ALT key, or by a corresponding item in a context menu
- Enable editing Frequency Band/Frequency Marker with in-place editor (Double-Click or F2)
- Improved Mac-OS compatibility. Make 'Recent' files accessible
- Fixed some connection issues on Raspbian
- Fixed crashes on some old Linuxes

- Fixed some bugs in appearance on Windows XP
- Fixed some other bugs and typos

20/01/2021 Version 1.33
- Improved scan speed
- Added a temperature from ADC's sensor. When device/firmware supports it
- Warm-up feature to prepare a cold device
- Reduced number of steps for collecting calibration data when only 1 Calibration Kit is available
- Small enhancements in appearance
- Small enhancements in appearance
- Increased speed for a HID connection for newer devices
- Update Mac-OS dark theme support
- Fixed few bugs

13/10/2020 Version 1.24 Windows, MacOS and Linux
- Added Spline Curve Fit on Live Measurements 
- Added Frequency Markers. 
- Added basic Dark Theme support for Mac-OS

- Fixed compatibility issues on Mac-OS
- Support multiple devices and choose between them

05/03/2020 Version 1.09 Windows, MacOS and Linux
- Added possibility to associate PocketVNA's project files with the application
- Live Marker's Frequency column now is editable  
- Fixes for low screen resolutions
- Smooth panning on a Square Plot when "Magnify axes separately" is switched-on 
- Fixed permission issue on MacOS when exporting multiple files
03/02/2020 Version 1.04 Windows, MacOS and Linux
- Improved calibration
- Added external coupler functionality

23/01/2020 Version 1.04 MacOS only: Added retina display support

13/01/19 Version 1.0
- Makes pocketVNA hardware version 2.0 fully bidirectional
- New calibration procedure
- Added full 12 term calibration

14/07/16 Version 0.96f
- improved marker visibility
- open new windows not in full format
- smaller bug fixes

21/06/16 Version 0.96c6
Bug fixes

16/05/16 Version 0.96
- Touchstone export fix
- Added port extension
- More marker features: show marker in plot as dot or line; Show effective capacity of inductance
- Units and both y-axis numbers are shown now under cursor
- small bug fixes

21/04/16 Version 0.95
- Several Bug fixes
- Linux version release

- VSWR plot fix

06/03/16 Version 0.9
- Mac and Windows version release