Current Release:

The pocketVNA software can be used for free. It is under continuous development. Download the latest version for your system from here:

Windows:   File  Works on Windows 7 or later 

MD5 hash:  5d7a5f3c51975a315f4f6224e68d8d40

MacOS:  pocketVNA-1.m45.dmg
MD5 hash: 181391280eb553e382f944f1b7217509

Modern Linux 32 bit : File name:
MD5 hash: daa0e11a55fbdbe6a73478263d24a49d

Modern Linux 64 bit : File name: 

MD5 hash: d9a8378640c114713d66e639c9e70d50

Additional Downloads

Windows XP and later : File name:
MD5 hash: c779ece947bf38b8dda31bb73bd7208d

Old Linux 32 bit : File name:
MD5 hash: 6857b20efc077f0a16250db462061f8b

Old Linux 64 bit : File name:
MD5 hash: 3189aa1f33bc352e8b9f0abb71e16124

Raspbian Buster (only!) : File name: pocketVNA1.m33.raspberry_buster.tar.xz
MD5 hash: f1e5716c199618ee1c7526fe6639e0bb

Application examples

These demo measurements can be opened in the pocketVNA software also if no hardware is connected. The project files allow to explore the basic functionality of the software (Plotting, Smith Chart…)

2.4 GHz antenna: 2.4 GHz antenna.vnaproj

PZT crystal impedance scan: PZTcrystal.vnaproj 

Open API

Use third party software to operate and get data from PocketVNA

Manual for API (pdf). It can be found in any API bundle also.

LabVIEW example. Made on LabVIEW 2018

Version history

20/01/2021 Version 1.33
- Improved scan speed
- Added a temperature from ADC's sensor. When device/firmware supports it
- Warm-up feature to prepare a cold device
- Reduced number of steps for collecting calibration data when only 1 Calibration Kit is available
- Small enhancements in appearance
- Small enhancements in appearance
- Increased speed for a HID connection for newer devices
- Update Mac-OS dark theme support
- Fixed few bugs

13/10/2020 Version 1.24 Windows, MacOS and Linux
- Added Spline Curve Fit on Live Measurements 
- Added Frequency Markers. 
- Added basic Dark Theme support for Mac-OS

- Fixed compatibility issues on Mac-OS
- Support multiple devices and choose between them

05/03/2020 Version 1.09 Windows, MacOS and Linux
- Added possibility to associate PocketVNA's project files with the application
- Live Marker's Frequency column now is editable  
- Fixes for low screen resolutions
- Smooth panning on a Square Plot when "Magnify axes separately" is switched-on 
- Fixed permission issue on MacOS when exporting multiple files
03/02/2020 Version 1.04 Windows, MacOS and Linux
- Improved calibration
- Added external coupler functionality

23/01/2020 Version 1.04 MacOS only: Added retina display support

13/01/19 Version 1.0
- Makes pocketVNA hardware version 2.0 fully bidirectional
- New calibration procedure
- Added full 12 term calibration

14/07/16 Version 0.96f
- improved marker visibility
- open new windows not in full format
- smaller bug fixes

21/06/16 Version 0.96c6
Bug fixes

16/05/16 Version 0.96
- Touchstone export fix
- Added port extension
- More marker features: show marker in plot as dot or line; Show effective capacity of inductance
- Units and both y-axis numbers are shown now under cursor
- small bug fixes

21/04/16 Version 0.95
- Several Bug fixes
- Linux version release

- VSWR plot fix

06/03/16 Version 0.9
- Mac and Windows version release