portable Vector Network Analyzer


The pocketVNA software can be used for free. It is under continuous development. Download the latest version (1.0) for your system from here:

Windows File name: PocketVna-run.exe.zip MD5 hash: 98e160923e7c766c6a66226e4045e90a

MacOS: File name: pocketVNA.MacOS.pkg MD5 hash: 93db5faadbe5b1083914a8102147030a

Linux 32 bit: File name: pocketVna281018-CentOS6x32.tar.xz MD5 hash: b83e3d4952004130d5b439e8b466701f
Linux 64 bit: File name: pocketVna281018.CentOs6x64.tar.xz MD5 hash: ad1f6d3e53fc85b0589eeb37f26fe4b3


Download manual for current software

Check also the help and support pages

Application examples:

These demo measurements can be opened in the pocketVNA software also if no hardware is connected. The project files allow to explore the basic functionality of the software (Plotting, Smith Chart…)

2.4 GHz antenna: 2.4 GHz antenna.vnaproj

PZT crystal impedance scan: PZTcrystal.vnaproj

Open API:

Use third party software to operate and get data from pocketVNA.

Download API (Windows)

Download API (MacOS)

Download API (Linux)

Download API (Raspbian Pi Jessie and Stretch)

Manual for API (pfd download)

Version history:

13/01/19 Version 1.0
- Makes pocketVNA hardware version 2.0 fully bidirectional
- New calibration procedure
- Added full 12 term calibration

14/07/16 Version 0.96f
- improved marker visibility
- open new windows not in full format
- smaller bug fixes

Old software versions are available here for reference:

Windows Version 0.96f MD5 hash: 25d4a082cc826c7ade8c4749346371c9

MacOS Version 0.96f MD5 hash: bd101ef4c4fc6529f093b0d8dab7dde6

Linux Version 0.96f (x86_64bit) MD5 hash: 70d95f85b69027f06f824c6a6e6d7401

here for installation details.

21/06/16 Version 0.96c6
Bug fixes

16/05/16 Version 0.96
- Touchstone export fix
- Added port extension
- More marker features: show marker in plot as dot or line; Show effective capacity of inductance
- Units and both y-axis numbers are shown now under cursor
- small bug fixes

21/04/16 Version 0.95
- Several Bug fixes
- Linux version release

- VSWR plot fix

06/03/16 Version 0.9
- Mac and Windows version release