The XYY Plot

You can plot your measurement data in XYY plots.
X axis can be selected to be frequency, time or distance.
Y axis can be S21 or S11

To open a new XYY Plot, press "XYY Plot" in the main window.

A right click on the plot area opens the menu:

Save Current Markers: Moves measurement of the data point currently under the mouse cursor to the "markers window"
Import Live Meas: Will import the last measurement performed in the live measurement window. Note: If you want to have the curve plotted on both Y axes, you have to import the curve twice.
Import File: Import data from a file.
Clear all: Deletes all curves from the plot.
Reset Scale: resets scale to plot complete measurement data.

Magnify/Move both axes: Select(Unselect) if you want too zoom and move both Y axes at the same time or not.
Rename window: Change the title of the window.

You can zoom in/out using the mouse wheel or two-fingers on the touch pad.

The meaning of the three symbols in the legend are:

flexible Delete the curve from the plot

flexible Highlight selected curve.

flexible Hide selected curve from plot.