Download links

The pocketVNA software can be used for free. It is under continuous development.
Download the latest version  1.96 for your system here:

  • Windows (MD5 5402acf5ea9f075c811f744e08c8c8b5)
  • macOS (MD5 708475b3fdf11adaedd096166134c3db)
  • Modern Linux  (MD5 83d2d963955a7f3a91c04990c9c8e25a)

 There are additional versions on our google drive mirror like installers for Windows, a version for Windows XP, elder Linux versions, Raspberry Pi OS so on. Also there is a beta version for Android



Use third party software to operate and get data from PocketVNA

Documentation is present inside a bundle. Also there is an example for MATLAB. And LabVIEW 2018 example


Link to manual

Latest version can be found on google docs (Work in progress)

If you find errors in the manual or something is missing or unclear feel free to contact us!  You  can always use live chat on the bottom right of this page


Application examples

 These demo measurements can be opened in the pocketVNA software even if no hardware is connected. There is no license required. The project files allow to explore the basic functionality of the software (Plotting, Smith Chart…)

 2.4 GHz antenna and PZT crystal impedance scan


change log

06/16/2024 Version 1.96

- Enabled Firmware Update mode for “pVNA 6G”. Works starting from firmware version 3.33. Don't forget to use "Full Chip Erase" before reprogramming!
- Added support for Power-Saving feature if "pVNA 6G" firmware supports it
- Added frequency format for markers
- Fixed auto-scaling issues on a "XYY" sub-window when it is empty
- Implemented fitting "Live Measurements" to ['From'; 'To'] range when these fields are changing
- Cosmetic changes on "Calibration Wizard"
- Updated scan sequences on "Calibration Wizard". Now they require a bit less efforts

 02/26/2024 Version 1.95

- Added dBuV format
- Improved compatibility with Raspberry PI

 07/12/2023 Version 1.94

- Added Time Gating on Live Measurements

 Sept, 2023 (batch of changes) from 1.82 to 1.92

- Added U.FL Calibration Kit
- Added support for J701/UART (for special devices)
- Updated support for new “pVNA 6G”
- Added editing device Control Variables in menu for new devices
- Fixed permission issues on macOS
- Fixed GUI issues
- Added side panel with additional controls on Live Measurements window. For example moving average (it affects results); Polynomial Fit (just show additional polynomial curves over measurements) and different Scaling (Auto-Scale; Scan-Scale, when X is fixed and Y is scaled automatically; no scale, when re-scan does not change view-port; and fixed scale, when each axis can have a fixed range)
- Added De-Embedding (Near Port-Extension). It works in a similar way as MATLAB’s RF toolbox. It's 2-port only. Take into account that RF toolbox converts S⇔T differently to RF books and some RF tools (parameters are swapped)
- Added Binding for plot selectors on XYY plots  (through a context menu only for now). Makes it easier to compare either different parameters for the same format or vice-versa
- Fixed crashes on macOS for Smith Chart caused by graphics effects
- Added as experiment in-lined markers for Live Measurements (can be enabled in app's menu  View > Show/Hide Markers in-lined)
- Update style for Legend-panel on a SC/XYY viewer
- Added experimental feature: MATLAB-like X-Axes (can be switched in menu  Tools > App Settings > Change X-Axis)
- Enabled windowing for Frequency domain
- Fixed annoying GUI connection issues: incorrect number of device present; missing current connection in connection list on the status bar
- Fixed crashes on reconnect esp for J701/UART
- Added debugging feature Loading Live-Measurements from a Touchstone file (Tools > App Settings > Load Network to Live Measurements
- Fixed bug writing touchstone file when a float value is too low: 8.7E-10 →  8.7E-1

27/06/2022 Version 1.81

- Changed meaning of 'smooth' (iron icon) on Live Measurements: now it's smooths measurements (not curves); available on Smith tab; it is applied when exporting data
- Fixed certificate issue on Windows
- Added few built-in Calibration Kits
- Added predefined Agilent 85033D calibration kit
- Fixed issue with missing file extension after file open dialog on Raspberry (and some Linuxes)
- Fixed crashes when loading some old project file formats