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News 11/05/2023 PVNA 6G has been released! After years of development, the third version of PVNA is now available for sale. The detailed specification for PVNA 6G is available here

News 27/07/2022 Software version 1.81 released added functions and fixed bugs

News 10/12/2021 New publication: Rapid Detection of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Using Microwave Immunosensor Cavity Resonator

News 17/08/2021: Software version 1.54 released

News 12/08/2020 PocketVNA Raspberry App and API available

pVNA 6G Portable Vector Network Analyzer is a  fully functional 2-port 6 GHz VNA:

Our lightweight and smart portable hardware makes it easy to measure S11, S21, S12, and S22 in the field or in the lab.

Low cost: $930 USD or €830 EUR (net plus shipping and tax/customs). Worldwide shipping is available.

Ready for harsh environments, with a working range from -20°C to +85°C without the need for re-calibration!

The software is available for

Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android (alpha), as well as Raspberry Pi.

An open software API is also available to access the hardware with third-party software, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspbian Pi, LabView, and Matlab/Octave."

High performance

Up to  90 dB dynamic range in the MHz range; up to  60 dB  at 6GHz 


200 kHz to  6 GHz 


2-port fully bidirectional (Measures S11, S12, S21, S22 at the same time) 

Easy to use

Connect it to your laptop or desktop computer via USB, PC software is included. No driver or software installation required. 

Portable and stable

Small size and low weight 
Temperature compensated over the range from -20°c to +86°C

Signal Generator

Can be used as a simple signal generator 

  Check our  product specifications  and  example measurements  for further details.
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Ease-to-use software for PC, MacOS, Linux, Raspberry  Android AppMatlab API